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AIMS To see whether a correlation exists between clinicopathological parameters, argyrophilic nucleolar organiser regions (AgNORs), and nucleolar counts in the nuclei of tumour cells in patients with transitional cell bladder carcinoma. METHODS Paraffin wax embedded sections from a total of 62 cases of primary transitional cell bladder carcinoma were(More)
Previous studies in hereditary and sporadic prostate cancer have indicated the existence of a tumor suppressor gene in chromosomal region 19p13. The BRG1 gene in this region is one of the possible candidates, based on both the frequency of inactivating mutations in human cancer cell lines, including the prostate cancer cell line DU145, and its functional(More)
Grid and P2P systems have become popular options for large-scale distributed computing, but their popularity has led to a number of varying definitions that are often conflicting. Taxonomies developed to aid the decision process are also quite limited in their applicability. While some researchers have argued that the two technologies are converging [1], in(More)
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