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This paper takes the position that community, collaboration and conversation are essential elements of the success of the MA ICT and Education at Leeds. We feel that successful design and delivery of an e-learning programme not only requires subject matter expertise and/or technical skills, but that pedagogical, information and communication skills to(More)
Peer education frequently fails. The reasons are numerous and can usually be avoided with clear planning. The most common reasons cited for failure relate to project design and implementation difficulties. The aim of this review is to identify the primary reasons for the failure of peer education programmes in order to help project managers avoid making(More)
Synchronous CMC debate can be an effective way for students to develop augmentation skills and improve critical thinking. However, as this paper shows, for such development to occur, the discussion needs to be prepared and facilitated by a tutor. This paper looks at CMC discussions amongst a group of students aged 9-14 in an out-of-school learning centre.(More)
Unless otherwise noted, telephone numbers shown in this catalog are within the 717 Area Code. A graduate catalog is published every other year by Millersville University of Pennsylvania Council of Trustees. Millersville University is a member of the State System of Higher Education. This publication and its electronic counterpart at www.millersville.edu are(More)
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