S. Abd El-Fattah

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The effect of dihydroxypropyl theophylline on the solubility and stability of menadione was investigated. An increase of about 4-fold in the solubility of menadione with 0.1 m dihydroxypropyl theophylline was observed at 30 degrees C. Thermodynamic paremeters were calculated by conducting the experiments at different temperatures. The rate of base-catalyzed(More)
The stability of aspirin in its solid dispersion with urea or povidone was investigated at two accelerated storage conditions. The observed aspirin degradation in both systems followed the first-order rate equation. The water sorption ability of the two carriers as well as the alkalinity imparted by urea could possibly be the most important factors(More)
The kinetic energy released in the unimolecular decomposit ion of some metastable transitions has been investigated. It was found to have a significant tempera ture dependence in cases of PF loss from molecular ions. This is attributed to the tunelling of FF atom through the centrifugal barrier. The activation energies of the reverse reactions "e*" and the(More)
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