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Study of morphometric parameters of podocyte foot processes showed that the increase of parathyroid hormone blood level causes dilatation of podocyte foot processes resulting from accumulation of calcium in the cells. Influence of the hormone on filtration processes in glomeruli as a result of its effect on podocytes is discussed.
The effect of parathyroid hormone intraperitoneal injection at different stages of experimental uremia induced by subtotal nephrectomy on ultrastructural morphofunctional characteristics of hippocampus Ca3 field axospinal synapses was studied. A conclusion is made that the decrease of synaptic activity in the hippocampus field due to redistribution of(More)
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Field CA 3 of the hippocampus (HC) possesses the capacity to exert a modulating influence on neurons of a number of hypothalamic nuclei that exert an influence on stressor and immune processes, as well as on the regulation of the activity of visceral organs and on the maintenance of salt and water metabolism [ 1-3, 14]. It is essential in this connection to(More)
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