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The chromosome of Agropyron intermedium (Host) Beauv. substituting chromosome 6D has been identified in the karyotype of the Triticum aestivum L. line Multi 6R with the use of C-banding. The alien chromosome, temporarily designated 6Ag1, contains gene(s) of the resistance to the Saratov population of Puccinia recondita Rob. ex. Desm. f. tritici. It has been(More)
Presently, the use of bread wheat introgression lines resistant to pathogens in practical breeding is hampered by the lack of their cytogenetic characteristics, data on the genetic control of disease resistance, and influence of alien genetic material on the grain productivity and quality. For the solution of these problems, two wheat–Aegilops speltoides(More)
Leaf rust resistance lines of Triticum aestivum carry highly effective Lr genes from Agropyron intermedium (Host) Beauv. This Agro 58 and Agro 139 resistance segregated independently of Agropyron leaf-rust resistance genes Lr-19, Lr-24 and Lr-9 from Ae. umbellulata. Monosomic analysis showed that the Lr gene in Agro 139 was incorporated into wheat(More)
Hybridization of telomeric repeats with a complementary oligonucleotide probe was studied by the surface plasmon resonance method. Conjugation of the probe with streptavidin and gold nanoparticles was shown to amplify the signal at similar concentrations of this probe (by 60 and 300 times, respectively). Nanoparticles can be used for biosensor signal(More)
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