S. A. Toynbee

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Research and development (R&D) expenditures are an important part of many firms’ investment portfolios, with R&D as a percent of assets exceeding capital expenditures on average across publicly traded firms in recent years. U.S. GAAP requires immediate expensing of these investments, which involves several conceptual and practical tradeoffs. We re-examine(More)
This paper examines the costs and benefits of hiring an accounting expert CFO. We first provide evidence suggesting that acquiring accounting expertise requires a trade-off in terms of acquiring other skills and knowledge (e.g., finance or general management). We then examine whether firms’ CFO hiring decisions are a function of its needs for accounting vs.(More)
This short book for adolescents is one of a series giving information in story form, about careers. It is a useful idea and the essential facts about social work are correctly conveyed. Most important of all, is the skilful way in which the author has woven into her story the kind of personality needed for this type of work. Apart from the inappropriate(More)
In these days when everyone seems interested in "art therapy" this book is very timely and it is of special interest to our readers that the author has had considerable experience with psychiatric patients. He has dedicated it to Dr.
The Hogarth Press and Institute of Psycho-analysis. 8/6 This short book, which was first published in 1937 is now reprinted. It is No. 2 of the Psycho-analytical Epitomes. It is not an abridgement of a larger published work but consists of two lectures with the original Preface by John Rickman. It is good that these concise, non-technical lectures are again(More)
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