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—Postfault rotor angle oscillations lead to power swings. Both unstable and stable swings can induce distance relay tripping. For unstable swings, a new computational procedure to locate all of the electrical centers is developed. It simplifies the work associated with visual screening of all the R-X plots. For stable swings, a generic three-tier hierarchy(More)
—The Load Serving Entity (LSE) requires, for its power procurement portfolio management, accurate peak load forecast in medium term (upto six months ahead). A complete description of the random variable, i.e., load, is provided by probability density function. Hence, we consider the problem of forecasting probability density function of hourly peak load(More)
The paper reports the output of a large ongoing programme of research to determine high effectiveness strategies for deploying TRIZ. The most successful single study in the research involved 2 nd to 4 th year engineering students at IIT. Starting from zero prior knowledge, a batch of 12 students was exposed to 10 hours of specially formulated TRIZ lectures(More)
Simulation techniques are important tools that are used by businesses to guide decision-making, identify problems and provide solutions. This paper examines the adoption of simulation models and lean manufacturing techniques into the manufacturing line of a company in order to improve the process flow and reduce waste. A number of simulation models were(More)
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