S A Sölveborn

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We prospectively studied 17 consecutively treated patients (15 men and 2 women) who had surgically treated subcutaneous, complete and acute Achilles tendon ruptures. The patients underwent a new postoperative regimen that allowed free ankle motion in a patellar tendon bearing plaster cast with a protecting frame under the foot making weightbearing possible(More)
Stretching or upper forearm bands were used in the treatment of radial epicondylalgia ('tennis elbow') in a prospective study of 185 patients. The two consecutive series did not differ with respect to, for example, age (median 43 years), gender (57% men), symptom duration (mean 12 months) and symptomatic elbow (68% right), and were examined before and after(More)
In a prospective, randomized, double-blind study of radial epicondylalgia (tennis elbow), 109 patients with an average symptom duration of 8 months were considered for treatment with a single 1-mL injection of the steroid triamcinolone combined with either lidocaine or bupivacaine. The patients received clinical examinations at regular intervals for 1 year,(More)
The aim of the present investigation was to determine the range of motion (ROM) features of the elbow and wrist joints in patients with radial epicondylalgia (tennis elbow), since there have been contradictory statements in previous reports and apparently no accurate study has been published to establish these typical ROM values. The precision of the(More)
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