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We examined the relationship between the NcoI RFLP of tumor necrosis factor beta (TNFB) and alpha (TNFA) genes and the risk of colorectal cancer. The first intron of TNFB and the -308 promoter region of TNFA NcoI RFLP were ascertained from peripheral leucocytes of 136 colorectal cancer patients and 325 healthy controls. The TNFB*1/TNFB*1 homozygote was(More)
Human chromosomal translocation t(12;21)(p12;q22) is one of the most frequent rearrangement in human leukemia, and produces the TEL/RUNX1 fusion protein. The TEL/RUNX1 fusion protein creates a transcriptional repressor that interferes in dominant fashion with RUNX1-dependent transactivation. Here, we demonstrate that the repressor activity of TEL/ RUNX1(More)
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