S.A. Remillard

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Maytansine, at 6x10(-8)M, irreversibly inhibits cell division in eggs of sea urchins and clams. It causes the disappearance of a mitotic apparatus or prevents one from forming if added at early stages. Maytansine does not affect formation of the mitotic organizing center but does inhibit in vitro polymerization of tubulin. Maytansine and vincristine inhibit(More)
We labeled gametes of Chlamydomonas with 10-min pulses of 35SO4(-2) before and at various times after deflagellation, and isolated whole cells and flagella immediately after the pulse. The labeled proteins were separated by one- or two-dimensional gel electrophoresis, and the amount of isotope incorporated into specific proteins was determined. Individual(More)
Genes that direct the programmed synthesis of flagellar alpha-tubulin during the differentiation of Naegleria gruberi from amebae to flagellates have been cloned, and found to be novel with respect to gene organization, sequence, and conservation. The flagellar alpha-tubulin gene family is represented in the genome by about eight homologous DNA segments(More)
During differentiation of Naegleria from vegetative amoebae to temporary flagellates, the microtubular cytoskeleton, including two basal bodies and flagella, is assembled de novo. Centrin is an integral component of these basal bodies [Levy et al., 1996, Cell Motil. Cytoskeleton 33: 298-323]. In many organisms, centrin appears to be a constitutive protein,(More)
4D trajectory management will require "operational changes" to the current traffic management system. These changes will be accomplished by the use of the network enabled operations (NEO) concept. Meeting the goals and vision of the next generation air transportation system (NextGen) will require major infrastructure and operational changes. However, by(More)
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