S. A. Rahman

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Incidence of Red-Green colour blindness was studied in a Libyan population and was then compared with the same in two samples of Indian population. The incidence of the Red-Green colour defect was found to be 2.209% amongst the males and 0.0% amongst the females in the Libyan study. However, the incidence was only 1.841% amongst the ethnic Libyan males.(More)
The effect of an aqueous leaf extract ofAnacardium occidentale on gastric acid secretion was tested in rats. Twenty (20) Wistar albino rats were used for the gastric acid assay experiment. The rats were divided into 2 groups of 10 each. Gastric acid output was determined by continuous perfusion of rat stomach in urethane anesthetized rats. Control gastric(More)
The hind limb muscles of the Egyptian desert rodent Gerbillus pyramidum and the albino rat were studied macroscopically and microscopically, using ordinary and histochemical techniques. The results revealed a relatively long hind limb and a relatively long tendon of the gastrocnemius group in G. pyramidum as compared with the albino rat. The dark fibres(More)
Diabetes is an important risk factor in the pathogenesis of periodontal disease. Subjects with diabetes have a greater prevalence and severity of periodontal disease compared with subjects without diabetes. This study was carried out to assess periodontal status, treatment needs and oral health awareness among a selected population of Malaysian Type 2(More)
Cholera toxin causes reversible epidermal hyperplasia. We observed maximal thickness of the epidermis on the fourth day after treatment and a return to pretreatment values by day 7. The increase in thickness occurred in the basal and intermediate layers, with these layers becoming two to three times thicker than those of normal epidermis. The time sequence(More)
The study was designed to investigate the nature of the cholinoceptors at the sciatic nerve-gastrocnemius muscle junction of the common African toad (Bufo regularis). Using myographic technique, the twitch properties of the sciatic-gastrocnemius muscle preparation of the common African toad was studied. Both the twitch height and peak tetanic height were(More)
Effects of transforming growth factor beta-1 (TGF-beta1) and all-trans-retinoic acid (All-trans-RA) on development of bulbourethral glands (BUGs) of neonatal mice were investigated in vitro. BUGs from 0-day-old male mice were cultured for 6 days in serum-free, chemically defined medium containing transferrin and bovine serum albumin, supplemented with(More)