S. A. Prokof'ev

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The prolonged nonintensive physical activity by swimming without load (12 +/- 2 h.) has no effect on the overall amount of fast and slow transported proteins of transport velocity in rat central and peripheral sensory fibres of the sciatic nerve. However, the rate of fast axonal transport in the motor fibres decreases by 18% and the amount of proteins by a(More)
A chimeric toxic protein was prepared from the mistletoe lectin I A-chain and ricin B-chain by using the disulfide exchange reaction. Ricin and chimeric protein were indistinguishable in binding to immobilized asialofetuin in ELISA. The chimeric protein was more toxic for Jurkat cells than native mistletoe lectin I, but not as effective as native ricin. In(More)
The paper is dedicated to clinical and laboratory aspects of Diabetes Mellitus non-immune forms, such as neonatal Diabetes Mellitus, Maturity Onset Diabetes of young (MODY), DIDMOAD-syndrome, Wolframe syndrome, Alstrom syndrome and its determinating genes. The analysis of proper clinical results are present in this paper.
T cells can be divided into two nonoverlapping subpopulations, which differ from one another both in their antigenic phenotype and in their functional properties. These are CD4 +and CD8+-subpopulations of lymphocytes, mainly associated with helper cells and kiUer/suppressor cells respectively [7]. Meanwhile, subpopulations of CD4 +and CD8+-cells are not(More)
14C-glycin was microinjected into the ventral horns of the spinal cord or spinal ganglions. The rate of fast and slow axoplasmic transport of proteins in the axons of motor and sensory neurons was studied by liquid scintillation. Motor fibers of the sciatic nerve manifested a marked decrease (P less than 0.05) in the rate of slow axoplasmatic transport of(More)
The obtained murine mAb LT27 (IgG2a) assigned to the cluster of differentiation CD27 was used to study the distribution of antigen CD27 among human lymphocytes scbpopulations in normal state and immunopathology. In normal donors the antigen CD27 was found to be expressed most frequently on CD4+ cells (90 +/- 8% of which coexpressed antigen CD27) and to the(More)
The t r a n s p o r t of m a t e r i a l s and s t r u c t u r e s along axons of neurons is an e s sen t i a l fea ture of the cy tophysiology of ne rve cei ls [2, 5, 7]. In the different ia ted neurons of adult an imals the quantity of substance, in pa r t i cu la r protein, t r a n s p o r t e d f rom the pe r ika ryon into the axons and catabol ized in(More)
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