S. A. Pavlopoulos

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In this study, Decision Tree algorithms are used with promising results in a crucial and at the same time complicated classification problem concerning differential diagnosis of heart sounds. Decision Tree structures are constructed, using data mining/distillation methods and then are used to classify heart sounds that were recorded from patients that have(More)
The increase in the number of examinations performed in modern healthcare institutions in conjunction with the range of imaging modalities available today have resulted in a tremendous increase in the number of medical images generated and has made the need for a dedicated system able to acquire, distribute, and store medical image data very attractive.(More)
This paper describes a feasibility study on an Internet-based compliance system to provide personalized care for patients suffering from chronic diseases. Relevant medical trials from three different European countries provided preliminary evidence of the feasibility of the system and its efficacy in helping patients to manage their diseases at home. The(More)
This paper describes an effort to create a common, document-oriented architecture for the interchange of medical data in healthcare telemedicine applications. Key components are: The VITAL standard specifying a common (medical device independent) representation of Vital Signs Information and the Extensible Markup Language (XML) specifying the document(More)
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