S. A. Morell

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A quantitative biological assay of the products obtained from the dialysis of B. typhosus, meningococcus, and B. coli culture filtrates has been undertaken. It was found that the active principles of the phenomenon of local skin reactivity to bacterial filtrates were retained by cellophane membranes. An appreciable purification was thus effected, amounting,(More)
In a previous communication the reaction of N-ethylmaleimide (NEM) with the thiols of intact human erythrocytes was described.1 The principal sites of reaction are the p-chains of hemoglobin2 and intracellular glutathione. Average values of 2.35 and 0.45 equivalents of HbSH and GSH respectively per mole of hemoglobin have been found for normal red cells.(More)
B. coli, meningococcus, and B. typhosus have been cultivated in a diffused broth medium, prepared by immersing cellophane bags containing saline into nutrient broth. An abundant growth occurred inside the bags, while the outside broth remained sterile. Under these conditions, the production of the active principles of the phenomenon of local skin reactivity(More)
A Gilford 3400 Automatic Enzyme Analyzer has been modified to assay 60 samples per hour in modes 1 and 2 (28 and 61 seconds of incubation) or 30 samples per hour in mode 3 (187 seconds of incubation). The calculation cycle was reduced threefold to print activity based on LA/20 s, rather than A/60 s. Linear ranges at 30 and 37 #{176}C for lactate(More)