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The problem of voltage sags and its severe impact on sensitive loads is well known. To solve this problem, The DVR is a modern and important custom power device for compensation voltage sags in power distribution systems. The Dynamic Vo ltage Restorer (DVR) is fast, flexib le and efficient solution to voltage sag problem. The DVR is a series compensator(More)
Voltage sag is a common and undesirable power quality phenomenon in the distribution systems which put sensitive loads under the risk. Dynamic voltage restorer (DVR) can provide the most commercial solution to mitigate voltage sag by injecting voltage as well as power into the system. This paper presents the application of dynamic voltage restorer (DVR) on(More)
Power quality is one of major concerns in the present era. It has become important, with the introduction of industrial devices, whose performance is very sensitive to the power qualitythat results in a failure of user equipment's. Voltage sag is one of power quality problem which is caused by industrial device like as induction motor. To solve this(More)
Power electronics can provide utilities the ability to more effectively deliver power to their customers while providing increased reliability to the bulk power system. In general, power electronics is the process of using semiconductor switching devices to control and convert electrical power flow from one form to another to meet a specific need. These(More)
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