S. A. Lebedeva

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Chronic administration of 50% ethanol in a dose of 8 g/kg produces a toxic effect on functional activity of cardiomyocyte mitochondria, which manifested in decreased rates of respiration and oxidative phosphorylation. Structural GABA analogue Citrocard (phenibut citrate) and reference preparation piracetam in doses of 50 and 200 mg/kg, respectively,(More)
The data of literature on the pleiotropic variability of the resistance of Y. pestis mutants to diagnostic phage are presented. The conditions of reversion to the initial phenotype are characterized. The mechanisms of the appearance of such variability of Y. pestis, as well as problems arising in connection with this variability and linked with the(More)
The preparation of Y. pestis capsular antigen F1, isolated from Y. pestis Fra-positive strain by Baker's method, has been shown to have a composition and contain three components: protein, glycoprotein and a lipid-containing component. Each of them equally reacts with antibodies to F1 and diagnostic preparations based on these antibodies. The synthesis of(More)
The experimentally obtained antigenic complex isolated by extraction in the gradient surfactants from live and acetone-dried bacteria of the capsule-free vaccine strain EV76 of a plague microbe that had lost its ability to synthesize the diagnostic species-specific capsular antigen F1 was investigated. The antigenic complex fraction V (FV) was obtained(More)
AIM To characterize species specificity of officially recommended tests for differentiation of Yersiniapestis and Yersinia pseudotuberculosis and propose additional tests allowing for more accurate identification. MATERIALS AND METHODS Natural, laboratory and typical strains oftwo Yersinia species were studied using microbiological, molecular and(More)
It was established that the replacement of drinking water by 1.8% NaCl solution in female rats during pregnancy causes experimental pre-eclampsia (EP), as evidenced by an increase in the blood pressure, proteinuria, and edema in the control group as compared to pregnant female rats with normal drinking regime. Animals with EP exhibited disturbance of(More)
92 strains of Yersinia pestis isolated from different natural foci and stored for 3-40 years in the museum of live cultures have been studied. The strains having three typical plasmids, their different combinations, plasmidless strains or the strains carrying nontypical plasmids with the molecular masses 9, 15, 55, 80, 90 and 150 Md were found. The old(More)
On the model of Yersinia transconjugants (Yersinia pestis, Yersinia pseudotuberculosis, Yersinia enterocolitica) carrying the conjugative cointegrates containing the 47 and 65 Md plasmids from Yersinia pestis the data were obtained on the different affects of the latter plasmids on the lethality and immunogenicity conferred by the host bacterial cells. The(More)