S A Lancelle

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A comparison of actin localization in pollen tubes of Nicotiana has been made using a monoclonal actin antibody and rhodamine-phalloidin (RP). The monoclonal antiactin, based on Western blotting of pollen tube extract, labels a polypeptide at 45 kD that comigrates with muscle actin. A 51-kD unknown protein and three bands less than 45 kD, presumed to be(More)
Rapid freezing and freeze substitution (RF-FS) have been used to re-examine the process by which the multinucleate sporangium of the Oomycetes, Phytophthora cinnamomi and P. palmivora, is subdivided into uninucleate zoospores. The results indicate a new model for sporangial cleavage in Phytophthora and suggest that the currently accepted model is based on(More)
Removal of combined nitrogen from the medium of Frankia sp. strain HFPArI3 induced the formation of specialized structures, called vesicles, which are the proposed site of nitrogen fixation. After 5 to 6 h of culture on N-free medium, newly formed vesicles, termed provesicles, arose from the tips of some hyphae. These structures were spherical, phase dark,(More)
In 1999, the Claudius-Regaud Institute of Toulouse, France, specialized in oncology, set up a workshop in order to assess the quality of its patients medical records. A retrospective evaluation was performed on a 100-chart-sample drawn from all the charts in the institution. Results show that the medical records are subdivised into three parts: medical(More)
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