S. A. Kryzhanovskii

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Angiogenic action of compound GK-2, a dimeric dipeptide mimetic of loop 4 of nerve growth factor (NGF), was studied in in vitro and in vivo experiments. Experiments on human endothelial cell culture HUVEC showed that compound GK-2 significantly (p<0.05) stimulated the initial stage of angiogenesis, and its angiogenic activity was not inferior to the(More)
Causes accounting for differing results of experiments during studies on the effects of morphine and chlordiazepoxide upon the intensity of pressor vasomotor reflexes provoked by an electric stimulation of afferent fibers in the tibial nerve were investigated in tests set up on urethan and chloralose anesthetized animals. With this purpose in view the(More)
Dynamic echocardiographic monitoring in rats subjected to forced alcoholization showed the formation of disorders in intracardiac hemodynamics characteristic of ethanol cardiomyopathy formed by the end of 24-week continuous ethanol consumption. The results of echocardiographic monitoring were confirmed by histological and morphometric studies demonstrating(More)
Effect of trimetazidine (20 and 30 mg/kg) on elevated plus maze behavior of rodents was assessed in the genetic and pharmacological anxiety models. Single intraperitoneal injection of trimetazidine in a dose of 20 mg/kg prevented anxiety development in highly emotional male BALB/c mice and increased the time spent in open arms of the maze. In outbred male(More)
The features of early postischemic cardiac remodeling have been well studied both in clinical settings and in experiments. However, the data on the course of this process in the first 60 min after occlusion are scarcely available in the literature. In experiments on rats, in which acute myocardial ischemia was reproduced by one-stage ligation of the left(More)
The antifibrillatoty effect of the GK-1 dipeptide was studied in anesthetized rats. This dipeptide is a fragment of the fourth loop of the nerve growth factor (NGF); it displays antagonistic activity with respect to TrkA receptor specific for NGF. It has been shown that this compound is able to significantly increase the threshold of electrical fibrillation(More)
The anti-ischemic effect of synthetic and pharmacologically tested anxiolytic afobazole (10 mg/kg intravenously) was studied on anesthetized rats with acute endocardial ischemia caused by isoproterenol infusion (20 μg/kg/min). A calcium antagonist verapamil (1 mg/kg intravenously) belonging to the group of phenyl alkyl amine derivatives was used as the(More)
We analyzed changes in the spectral powers of different EEG frequency ranges and levels of coherence of the respective oscillations under conditions of passive perception of the smell of isoamyl acetate (pear essence) by humans in the resting state. Depending on a subjective estimate of the smell of isoamyl acetate, its presence per se caused increases in(More)
Echocardiography in control narcotized rats (n = 12) revealed that acute single-stage ligation of coronary artery induced a rapid and significant decrease in systolic function of the heart, which attained minimum to postischemic minutes 10-20 and then gradually restored during 60 min after coronary occlusion. Matrix proteinase inhibitor doxycycline (40(More)
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