S. A. Kondrat'ev

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40. N . I . Paputskaya, V. D. Aleeva, et al., in: Scientific Session of the Leningrad Sc ien t i f i c -Research Institute of Antibiotics. No. 6, Proceedings [in Russ ian] , Leningrad (1970), pp. 136-138. 41. E . D . l~tingov and N. M. Zaval 'naya, in: Scientific Session of the Leningrad Sc ien t i f ic -Research Institute of Antibiotics, No, 6, Proceedings(More)
The s t a r t i n g m a t e r i a l f o r the p r o d u c t i o n of s y n t h o m y c i n { D L t h r e o 2 , 2 d i c h l o r o N [ / 3 h y d r o x y o ~ ( h y d r o x y m e t h y l ) p n i t r o p h e n e t h y l ] a e e t a m i d e i s s t y r e n e c h l o r o h y d r i n ( c h l o r o m e t h y l pheny l c a r b i n o l ) . In i t s p r o d u c t i o n(More)
The use of rivastigmine in the rehabilitation of patients with cognitive disturbances after cranial-brain trauma (CBT) is reviewed. Replacement of cholinergic deficit exerts a positive effect on sanogenetic process in the brain, facilitate consolidation and learning of afferent information in the restoring brain. The authors emphasize that the(More)
The purpose of the study is to assess the impact of superselective neurotransmitter metabolic therapy in patients in a vegetative state. Superselective intraarterial infusion was conducted on 26 patients with relevant international criteria for the diagnosis of vegetative state. Comprehensive assessment of neurologic symptoms and severity of low metabolism(More)
The aim of the study was to evaluate the efficacy of toothpaste «Apadent Total Care» containing nanocalciumhydroxyapatite and its influence on caries resistance of tooth enamel and teeth sensitivity. The study involved 30 people: 15 patients aged 17-25 years and 15 aged 35-44 years. Study participants used «Apadent Total Care» toothpaste with(More)
In recent yea r s , in connection with the extended production of the s teroid alkaloid solasodine, which is used as a s tar t ing mater ia l for the synthesis of hormone prepara t ions , much attention has been given to a detailed study of the individual s tages of the existing production p roces s , to setting up new, more effective production p roces se(More)
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