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Diabetic retinopathy is a leading cause of adult vision loss and blindness. Much of the retinal damage that characterizes the disease results from retinal vascular leakage and nonperfusion. This study shows that diabetic retinal vascular leakage and nonperfusion are temporally and spatially associated with retinal leukocyte stasis (leukostasis) in the rat(More)
Two prominent vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF)-induced retinal effects are vascular permeability and capillary nonperfusion. The mechanisms by which these effects occur are not completely known. Using a rat model, we show that intravitreous injections of VEGF precipitate an extensive retinal leukocyte stasis (leukostasis) that coincides with(More)
Diabetes mellitus is associated with a number of changes in the cornea. These include increased corneal autofluorescence, thickening and enhanced endothelial cell permeability. In this study we have investigated the biochemical changes of corneal collagen due to advanced Maillard reaction and lysyl oxidase mediated crosslinking in diabetes. Advanced(More)
1. The obese SHR (Koletsky rat; SHR-k) is a unique animal model for the study of microvascular changes associated with genetic obesity, spontaneous hypertension, endogenous hyperlipidaemia, and hyperinsulinaemic, non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (Type II). 2. Lean and obese SHR-k exhibit retinal vascular changes which have not been previously(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the long-term effects of dorzolamide hydrochloride (Trusopt, Merck and Co Inc, White-house Station, NJ), timolol maleate, and betaxolol hydrochloride on corneal endothelial cell density and corneal thickness. METHODS This 1-year multicenter study was conducted in 298 patients with ocular hypertension or open-angle glaucoma who had a(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Modern cataract surgery has evolved to include small, unsutured wounds with rapid visual rehabilitation and fewer complications. Properly constructed, these unsutured wounds can withstand increased intraocular pressures without leakage, rupture, or incarceration of intraocular contents. However, scleral buckling surgery may alter(More)
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