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We propose a Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) architecture for power scalable receiver front end (FE) for Zigbee. The motivation for power scalable receiver is to enable minimum power operation while meeting the run-time performance needed. We use simple models to find empirical relations between the available signal and interference levels to come up with(More)
A novel contour representation algorithm for binary images which is an extension of the conventional chain code is proposed in this paper. The algorithm exploits the features of the conventional chain code when advantageous, is precise and simple with lesser computational complexity than most of the other standard shape representation algorithms. It uses(More)
An artificial Satellite's health and functioning in space is monitored by analysing the stream of Telemetry Data received at the Satellite Ground Control Centre. This data is received continually during the entire mission life of the Satellite. Hence a huge volume of Data is collected for any given satellite. Data Mining techniques are now regularly applied(More)
In this paper analytical expressions for optimal V dd and V th to minimize energy for a given speed constraint are derived. These expressions are based on the EKV model for transistors and are valid in both strong inversion and sub threshold regions. The effect of gate leakage on the optimal V dd and V th is analyzed. A new gradient based algorithm for(More)
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