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The KEM Hospital Research Centre (KEMHRC) is part of KEM Hospital, a tertiary care teaching hospital located in Pune. KEMHRC has been working for the past 30 years on issues relating to vulnerable sections of the community, including women, adolescents and children. Its work focuses on applied, problem oriented and problem solving research and intervention(More)
CONTEXT Although premarital partnerships-whether or not they involve sex-are widely discouraged in India, some youth do form such partnerships. It is important to know more about the nature of and the factors associated with these relationships. METHODS Data are drawn from a community-based study of 15-24-year-olds in urban slum and rural settings in Pune(More)
Setting. Contact tracing is broadly encouraged for tuberculosis (TB) control. In many high-burden countries, however, little effort is made to identify contacts of newly diagnosed TB patients. This failure puts children, many of whom live in poor crowded communities, at special risk. Objectives. To perform source-case investigations for 50 pediatric TB(More)
BACKGROUND Targeted screening for latent TB infection (LTBI) in vulnerable populations is a recommended TB control strategy. Pregnant women are at high risk for developing TB and likely to access healthcare, making pregnancy an important screening opportunity in developing countries. The sensitivity of the widely-used tuberculin skin test (TST), however,(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify social, behavioural and cultural factors that explain the thinness of young women relative to their men in rural Maharashtra, India. DESIGN Twelve focus group discussions were conducted to explore the villagers' understanding of why women in their area might be thinner than men. SETTING Pabal village and surrounding hamlets, in the(More)
Any organization needs to conduct surveys and collect reviews, in order to improve their product quality. There are number of websites which deals with product reviews. All these reviews are nothings but the opinions of people all over the world about different products. These reviews are very huge and difficult to analyse. Opinion polling has been(More)
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