S. A. Kahn

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In this commentary, we will review some of the early efforts aimed at understanding the role of the enteric microbiota in the causality of inflammatory bowel diseases. By examining these studies and drawing on our own experiences bridging clinical gastroenterology and microbial ecology as part of the NIH-funded Human Microbiome Project (Turnbaugh et al.,(More)
Here we report the case of a 4-year-old male with severe acute pancreatitis due to hyperlipidemia, who presented with abdominal pain, metabolic abnormalities, and colonic necrosis. This colonic complication was secondary to the extension of a large peripancreatic fluid collection causing direct serosal autodigestion by pancreatic enzymes. Two weeks(More)
The design of a modular crossbar network that can be used to support a multiprocessor is reviewed in this paper. The network is viewed at a functional level and the objectives, motivations and resultant design decisions are discussed. Two of these decisions relating to the nature and depth of pipelining in the network are examined in detail. The network(More)
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