S A Jerrett

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Topographic EEG brain mapping was performed on 100 patients referred for both EEG and neuroimaging procedures. Topographic maps were abnormal in 78% of patients with stroke, 50% with head trauma and 100% of those with space occupying lesions (tumor, abscess or intracerebral hematoma). Of the patients with abnormal EEG maps 30% had either sole or better(More)
Eighteen patients with thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS) were examined with somatosensory evoked potentials (SEPs). All the patients had normal median N9 (brachial plexus) amplitudes, whereas 12 had low-amplitude ulnar N9 potentials. The conduction in the ulnar nerve from N9 to N13 (brachial plexus to cord) was prolonged in seven of 18 patients. The(More)
Respiration-linked spindles are frequently recorded from nasopharyngeal electrodes and these have been reported to represent neuronally generated limbic activity. Evidence is presented from sphenoidal and nasopharyngeal recordings suggesting that these spindles are artifactual, due to unstable electrode contacts that record palatal vibration during partial(More)
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