S. A. Hussain

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Sensor networks are plagued by the Problems of interference to wireless communication from environmental noise, node failure and energy-constrained nodes. However, they face mote failures, RF interference from environmental noise and energy constraints. Routing protocols are overcome these problems to achieve reliability, energy efficiency and scalability(More)
Recent developments in the industry show strong inclination of Architects towards agent based software development and component based development. Both these approaches help organizations to utilize the older and experienced programs and interfaces into new products without having to reinvent the wheel; thereby reducing cost and time of production and(More)
Rise in inlet air temperature increases the corresponding outlet air temperature from the server. As an added effect of rise in inlet air temperature, some active servers may start exhaling intensely hot air to form a hotspot. Increase in hot air temperature and occasional hotspots are an added burden on the cooling mechanism and result in energy wastage in(More)
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