S. A. Hussain

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A rise in inlet air temperature may lower the rate of heat dissipation from air cooled computing servers. This introduces a thermal stress to these servers. As a result, the poorly cooled active servers will start conducting heat to the neighboring servers and giving rise to hotspot regions of thermal stress, inside the data center. As a result, the(More)
This paper presents the application of different Artificial intelligence techniques on the tuning of PID controller in a load frequency control system. The algorithms of PSO technique, Genetic algorithm technique, and Artificial Bee Colony technique has been applied on four area power system with six tie lines. The system dynamic model is formulated in(More)
Rise in inlet air temperature increases the corresponding outlet air temperature from the server. As an added effect of rise in inlet air temperature, some active servers may start exhaling intensely hot air to form a hotspot. Increase in hot air temperature and occasional hotspots are an added burden on the cooling mechanism and result in energy wastage in(More)
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