S. A. Hussain

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Cancer is predicted to be an increasingly important cause of morbidity and mortality in Bangladesh in the next few decades. The estimated incidence of 12.7 million new cancer cases will rise to 21.4 million by 2030. More than two-thirds of the total expenditure on health is through out-of-pocket payments. According to the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics,(More)
AIM Bangladesh has the highest level of incidence and mortality rates due to cervical cancer among women. The prevalence of cervical cancer in Bangladeshi women is 25-30/100,000. Human papillomavirus is an important cause of cervical cancer. The study was conducted to assess the immunogenicity and safety profile of human papillomavirus-16/18 AS04-adjuvanted(More)
ABSTRACT BACKGROUND Proximal humeral fractures are considered the last unsolved fractures in orthopaedics. The treatment is controversial and various operative modalities have been reported in the literature. The aim of the present study was to evaluate functional outcome and complication rate after open reduction and internal fixation of displaced(More)
We report a case of loosening of a bioabsorbable cross-pin fixation device for anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. Forty-two months following a bone tendon bone reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament, the patient presented with a subcutaneous collection in the medial side of the knee. At subsequent surgery, a RIGIDFIX cross-pin fixator(More)
The most important cytotoxic drug namely, cyclophosphamide used in breast cancer along with epirubicin and 5-fluorouracil, is transported by ABCC transporters and detoxified by glutathione S-transferases (GSTs). The activities of these enzymes and transporters may vary in different population due to the presence of genetic polymorphisms. This study was(More)
Bangladesh, at 142 million people, is the ninth most populous country in the world. There are 13 to 15 lakh cancer patients in Bangladesh, with about two lakh patients newly diagnosed with cancer each year. As an overview, lung cancer and mouth-oropharynx cancer rank as the top two prevalent cancers in males. Other types of cancers are esophagus cancer and(More)