S. A. Hussain

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A rise in inlet air temperature may lower the rate of heat dissipation from air cooled computing servers. This introduces a thermal stress to these servers. As a result, the poorly cooled active servers will start conducting heat to the neighboring servers and giving rise to hotspot regions of thermal stress, inside the data center. As a result, the(More)
Recent developments in the industry show strong inclination of Architects towards agent based software development and component based development. Both these approaches help organizations to utilize the older and experienced programs and interfaces into new products without having to reinvent the wheel; thereby reducing cost and time of production and(More)
This article includes a comprehensive survey of different routing protocols and mobility models used to develop Vehicular Adhoc Network(VANET). VANETs comprise of vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication based on wireless local area network technologies. It is required for safety, and user application. For better visualization,(More)