S. A. Golubev

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Associations between polymorphisms in the T102C and A-1438G loci of the 5-HTR2A and the P1763 and P1578 markers of the DTNBP1 gene with the overall productivity and individual subprocesses of shortterm verbal memory were studied in 4–5 patients with schizophrenia and 290 healthy subjects. Subjects were asked to reproduce immediately two lists of 10 words.(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify people at high risk of endogenous psychosis in patients of juvenile age with nonpsychotic mental disorders. MATERIAL AND METHODS Authors examine 49 patients of juvenile age with symptoms of nonpsychotic mental disorders (ICD-10 diagnoses of mood disorder, personality disorder or schizotypal disorder). RESULTS In all cases, symptoms(More)
Whether endothelial dysfunction in essential hypertension is a cause or a consequence of structural vessel wall alterations is not known. The purpose of the present study was to compare flow-mediated vasodilation and mechanical vessel wall properties of large arteries between never treated mild essential hypertensive patients with normal intima-media(More)
An association study of variations in the DTNBP1 (P1763 and P1578) and 5-HTR2A (T102C and A-1438G) genes with short-term verbal memory efficiency and its component process variables was carried out in 405 patients with schizophrenia and 290 healthy controls. All subjects were asked to recall immediately two sets of 10 words. Total recall, List 1 recall,(More)
The antihypertensive activity and the influence of adrenal cortex hormones of benazepril versus captopril were studied in 30 essential hypertensives in a double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled trial during eight weeks of treatment. Patients started with 50 mg of captopril or 10 mg of benazepril once daily; if normotension had not been obtained after(More)
NRG1 is one of the most likely candidate genes for schizophrenia, though the pathway of its influences on the development of the disease is unknown. One approach to seeking the mechanisms of the association between NRG1 and schizophrenia consists of investigating the relationship between the gene and the endophenotype of the disease, which includes(More)
A double blind placebo-controlled trial was performed to evaluate antihypertension efficacy and tolerance of a new inhibitor of angiotensin-converting enzyme benazepril (a single daily dose 10-20 mg) versus captopril (50 mg 1-2 times daily) in 30 patients with mild and moderate hypertension. Monotherapy with benazepril continued 8 weeks. Antihypertension(More)
Six patients in remission after first episodes of juvenile schizophrenia and seven mentally healthy subjects selected on the basis of age and gender were studied by functional magnetic resonance imaging and recording of evoked potentials, in both cases using the oddball paradigm in the auditory modality. Differences in the parameters of the P300 wave were(More)
The therapeutic dynamics of neuropsychological and neurophysiological markers of impairments to cognitive functions were studied in groups of patients with first episodes of juvenile endogenous psychosis (90 patients). At the initial stage of remission, subjects were found to show improvements in processes associated with voluntary regulation of cognitive(More)
Six patients in the state of remission after the first episode ofjuvenile schizophrenia and seven sex- and age-matched mentally healthy subjects were examined by fMRI and ERP methods. The auditory oddball paradigm was applied. Differences in P300 parameters didn't reach the level of significance, however, a significantly higher hemodynamic response to(More)