S A Gambles

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1. Methods were devised and evaluated for inducing breathlessness by submaximal graded exercise in healthy subjects while objective measurements of cardiorespiratory function were made. Breathlessness was assessed with serial visual analogue scales (VAS), but with various measures to enhance repeatability. 2. A high level of reproducibility was obtained in(More)
A new test for assessing clinical dyspnoea with greater precision has been devised. This involves walking on a treadmill while ventilation is measured and dyspnoea is assessed serially with visual analogue scales. The test has been applied successfully in patients with chronic bronchitis and emphysema and in asthmatic patients. The reproducibility of the(More)
1 Healthy volunteers undertook submaximal graded exercise while objective measurements of cardio-respiratory function were made and breathlessness was assessed with serial visual analogue scales. 2 A useful and consistent relationship existed between breathlessness and ventilation for individual subjects. 3 Drugs were examined in this system to test whether(More)
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