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Chaetogaster limnaei, an oligochaete was always found infesting Bulinus (Phy.) globosus, B.(B.) forskalii and Lymnaea natalensis in Bo, Sierra Leone, living below the shell or embedded in the mucus of the foot. The worms had no preference for snails with trematode infection. The population was highest in the dry season when fewer snails were infected by(More)
Faecal samples collected from people inhabiting project areas of Owena River Basin and Rural Development Authority at Okitipupa, Akure Ifon and Ajowa which are located in different geographical areas of Ondo State, Nigeria, were examined for helminth ova and larvae. The common worms were Ascaris lumbricoides, Trichuris trichiura and hookworms with average(More)
School pupils aged 8-12 years with triple infections of Ascaris lumbricoides, Trichuris trichiura and hookworms at Iwaya, a large urban slum in Lagos State and Iworoko/Igbemo, a rural farming community in Ondo State, Nigeria, were given single dose treatment of levamisole (40 mg.). Subsequent worm accumulation was studied by egg counts per gram of faeces on(More)
The metacercaria of E. porteri was found to retain its viability for a longer time in Bulinus (Physopsis) globosus (Morelet) than in Bulinus (Bulinus) forskalii (Ehrenberg) and Lymnaea natalensis (Krauss) which is the natural host for other larval stages. It becomes infective to definitive hosts about 6 h after commencement of encystment and loses its(More)
A total of 320 (24%) out of 1,309 specimens of Lanistes ovum collected from Ajara Fish Ponds in Badagry, Nigeria was infected by Unionicola (Pentatax) macani. Infection rates were higher in the dry season than in the rainy season, and ranged between 4% and 49% monthly. The gut contents of Unionicola were found to be mucous materials from the host. The mite(More)
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