S. A. El-Wakil

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In this paper, the tanh and sine–cosine methods are used to construct exact periodic and soliton solutions of nonlinear evolution equations arising in mathematical physics. Many new families of exact travelling wave solutions of the generalized Hirota–Satsuma coupled KdV system, generalized-Zakharov equations and (2 + 1)-dimensional Broer–Kaup– Kupershmidt(More)
— Due to the emergence of very high-data-rate wireless communications, the adaptation of traditional diversity systems is required so that some performance is sacrificed for complexity reduction. With this goal in mind, we investigate the performance of muti-antenna multi-relay system when the generalized selection combining (GSC) is used to select and(More)
The nonlinear propagation of small but finite amplitude dust-acoustic solitary waves (DAWs) in magnetized collision less dusty plasma has been investigated. The fluid model is a four component magnetized dusty plasma, consisting of positive and negative dust species, isothermal electrons and ions in the presence of an external magnetic field. A reductive(More)
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