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Hyperpolarizing afterpotentials of penicillin-induced (local application) paroxysmal depolarizing shifts (PDS) in neurons of the sensorimotor cortex of the cat were studied. The pattern of membrane conductance changes within different segments of hyperpolarization and the data on the role of various ion currents in its generation allow us to conclude that(More)
The role of the posterior parahippocampal area of the brain in spatial types of memory in conditions of one-trial visual perception of the positions of objects was studied by training eight cats to remember the spatial positions of either two different objects covering two of three feeders placed on a test tray (tests for the “object–place” association) or(More)
In most studies of epileptic activity, excitatory phenomena always attracted special interest because epileptic seizures and their experimental models, as well as interictal paroxysmal events, usual ly seemed to correlate with abnormal excitation of various cerebral s t ructures [1-3]. At the same time, the role of the s y n a p t i c inh ib i to ry process(More)
Memory for visual recognition in primates is at least partially mediated by the peripheral and entorhinal (i.e., rhinal) areas of the cerebral cortex. The roles of these structures in visual recognition in cats was studied by producing electrolytic combined lesions of the rhinal (perirhinal + entorhinal) areas in a group of cats trained in a modified(More)
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