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Most of the parallel and distributed applications are subject to frequent disruptions due to resource contention and failure. Such disruptions are inherently unpredictable and, therefore, robustness is a desirable property for the distributed operating environment. An approach to robustness is considered for applications that operate on a spanning tree(More)
<h4>NOTE FROM ACM: It has been determined that the author of this article plagiarized the contents from a previously published paper. Therefore ACM has shut off access to this paper.<br> <br> The plagiarized paper, <i>Distributed cache updating for the dynamic source routing protocol</i> by Xin Yu, may be found <a(More)
Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) has been identified as one of the most important emerging technologies for the 21st century to monitor environments, and have a lot of applications include warfare, smart homes and rescue. This paper presents an insight to the wireless sensor networks using CSMA-based media access control protocol (MAC) with various performance(More)
An autonomous system is a network or group of networks under a common administration and with common routing policies. The Internet is a collection of such autonomous systems. In order to find a path from one autonomous system to any other autonomous system, neighboring autonomous systems exchange routing information via the Border Gateway Protocol.(More)
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