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Most of the parallel and distributed applications are subject to frequent disruptions due to resource contention and failure. Such disruptions are inherently unpredictable and, therefore, robustness is a desirable property for the distributed operating environment. An approach to robustness is considered for applications that operate on a spanning tree(More)
<h4>NOTE FROM ACM: It has been determined that the author of this article plagiarized the contents from a previously published paper. Therefore ACM has shut off access to this paper.<br> <br> The plagiarized paper, <i>Distributed cache updating for the dynamic source routing protocol</i> by Xin Yu, may be found <a(More)
An autonomous system is a network or group of networks under a common administration and with common routing policies. The Internet is a collection of such autonomous systems. In order to find a path from one autonomous system to any other autonomous system, neighboring autonomous systems exchange routing information via the Border Gateway Protocol.(More)
Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) has been identified as one of the most important emerging technologies for the 21st century to monitor environments, and have a lot of applications include warfare, smart homes and rescue. This paper presents an insight to the wireless sensor networks using CSMA-based media access control protocol (MAC) with various performance(More)
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