S A Amireev

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Antibodies to Bacillus anthracis protective antigen (PA) and to the lethal factor (LF) of B. anthracis exotoxin in the blood sera of anthrax patients and of subjects with a history of the disease, as well as of persons immunized with STI live vaccine, were studied by the heterogeneous enzyme immunoassay. In 1-6 years after convalescence the levels of(More)
The analysis of brucellosis morbidity among children in the Kazakh SSR for the last 10 years revealed the following facts. The highest morbidity rate among children was registered in zones with developed sheep breeding. Privately owned agricultural animals, mainly small cattle, proved to be the main source of infection, transferred in most cases through(More)
Combinations of conventional serological methods and new ELISA procedures were evaluated to develop the most efficient and effective diagnostics for the detection of brucellosis in humans and animals. Sera from humans (n=249) and animals (n=99) were collected from brucellosis endemic areas (Zhambyl district and Enbekshi-Kazakh district of Almaty region in(More)
Immune reagents for the detection of specific antigen-binding lymphocytes (ABL) with respect to different Salmonells antigens were developed. Rabbits were immunized with killed S. typhi and other salmonellae containing cross-reacting antigens, and the dynamics of the formation of ASL of each specificity was studied. Differences in the time of the appearance(More)
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