S A Alleyne

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strain is present at UVH and that moxifloxacin resistance, present in 76% of our strains, appears to be a factor leading to intestinal inflammation in patients with CDI. This study does not aim to place a precise concentration indicating what constitutes elevated lactoferrin levels in CDI, but only to recognize that in our set of faecal specimens the(More)
This study was designed to compare the prevalence of obesity, high blood pressure, diabetic vascular disease, and risk factors in Black West Indians who had emigrated to Britain (WIB) with those in Whites in England and among diabetic Jamaicans in Jamaica. Seventy-seven consecutive WIB patients were matched for age, sex, known duration of diabetes, and type(More)
OBJECTIVES Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) bloodstream infections (BSIs) in the UK are common and associated with significant morbidity and mortality. Vancomycin is the usual first-line therapy. However, vancomycin treatment of BSIs due to MRSA strains with vancomycin MICs of 1-2 mg/L is successful in <10% of cases. No consensus exists on(More)
A 43-year-old man, admitted with a swollen right thigh, was diagnosed with a deep vein thrombosis. On day 6 he became septic. A CT scan demonstrated a right-sided hydronephrosis and a large retroperitoneal collection. Blood cultures and perinephric pus grew Escherichia coli resistant to amoxicillin only. On day 12 a vesicular rash appeared on the neck and(More)
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