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The effects of verapamil on drug responses of Trypanosoma brucei brucei were studied to determine whether drug resistance of this organism could be related to expression of a drug resistance gene as has been described for drug-resistant cancer cells and malaria. Concomitant administration of verapamil during treatment of two different strains of the(More)
A chlorodiazirine derivative of pentamidine was synthesized and tested for anti-trypanosomal activity using EATRO stock 164 trypanosomes in cell culture. Anti-trypanosomal activity was measured as a decrease in [3H]hypoxanthine incorporation by the organisms. The derivative, 3,3'-[1,5-pentanediylbis(oxy-4,1-phenylene)]bis(3-chloro-3H-diazir ine), at a(More)
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