S. A. Afinogenova

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ACTH, a prolonged action hormone, in a dose of 2.5 mu. was injected into guinea pigs daily for 5-35 days. The adenylate cyclase activity of the crude adrenal membrane fraction and the activity of cAMP-dependent protein kinases in the cytoplasmic fraction were determined. Cyclic changes in the basal and stimulated adenylate cyclase activities occurring with(More)
The cyclic nucleotide content, adrenocortical adenylatecyclase, guanylatecyclase, cAMP and cGMP phosphodiesterase activity, as well as the blood corticosteroid content of guinea pigs were determined at the different periods after bilateral adrenalectomy. The raised basal adenylatecyclase effect was also seen during compensatory hypertrophy of the sole(More)
The activity of adenylate and guanylate cyclases was determined in adrenal, heart, liver and fat tissues of guinea pigs, mice, rabbits and monkeys. The enzymes activities varied markedly depending both on the species and organs. The highest basal activities of adenylate cyclase was observed in all organs of guinea pigs. It was found that organs with low(More)
The authors have summed up the results of a study of the activity of adenylate and guanylate cyclase system in the adrenals of patients with the Icenko-Cushing disease and syndrome and in the adrenals of experimental animals after unilateral adrenalectomy and in ACTH administration. It has been established that the biochemical mechanisms of compensatory(More)