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This paper reports first results following construction of the W7X stellarator, confirming the accuracy of the field coils by identifying the flux surfaces produced by the vacuum field. The successful construction of W7X is indeed a capstone achievement, requiring both extraordinary engineering precision and, importantly, sustained political willpower. (One(More)
This paper addresses the confinement of thermonuclear alpha particles and neutral beam injected deuterons in the 15 MA Q = 10 inductive scenario in the presence of the magnetic perturbation caused by the helium cooled pebble bed test blanket module using the vacuum approximation. Both the flat top phase and plasma ramp-up are studied. The transport of fast(More)
The effect of ASDEX Upgrade (AUG) edge localized mode (ELM)-mitigation coils on fast ion wall loads was studied with the fast particle following Monte Carlo code ASCOT. Neutral beam injected particles were simulated in two AUG discharges both in the presence and in the absence of the magnetic field perturbation induced by the eight newly installed in-vessel(More)
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