Sławomir Nowak

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1 Summary. We propose a concept of a new synchronisation method of distributed event-driven simulation of computer networks with non-zero rate of lost packets (frames), e.g. wireless networks. Thanks to treating straggler messages (all or some of them) as messages informing of damaged frames, better performance of distributed simulation is expected..
Three new species of the Andean genus Myrosmodes are described: Myrosmodes cleefi Szlach., Mytnik and S. Nowak, Myrosmodes reticulata Szlach., Mytnik and S. Nowak, and Myrosmodes subnivalis Szlach., Mytnik and S. Nowak. The former two species are known from a single population each, from Columbia, and the latter from Columbia and Ecuador. Each species is(More)
Two new species of the Andean genus Aa (Orchidaceae, Spiranthoideae) are described: Aa lozanoi Szlach. and S. Nowak, and Aa figueroi Szlach. and S. Nowak. They are restricted in distribution mainly to Cordillera Oriental in the department of Cundinamarca, however, A. lozanoi was also collected in Cordillera Central and A. figueroi in Sierra Nevada de Santa(More)
Content addressing and localization are basic issues in the structure of content-centric networks. This paper presents the implementation and performance evaluation of the Content Registry (CR), developed within the framework of the FIE (Future Internet Engineering) project to meet the requirements of the PI CAN network. The CR allows to find the desired(More)
Eight new species of the genus Gomphichis from Colombia are described. Each species is illustrated, and detailed habitat and distribution data are provided. A distribution map of the new species is presented. A dichotomous key for determination of the Gomphichis species in northern South America is provided. Conservation status assessments are provided for(More)
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