Sławomir Drozd

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The influence of aspirin (ASA) on the endocrinology system and prostaglandin (PGs) synthesis is not completely clear. The aim of the study was to estimate the influence of ASA on the changes in the concentration of ACTH, cortisol and aldosterone (ALD) induced by physical exercise. This study was conducted on 19 healthy students (age 21–23 years). They were(More)
Six DNA fragments of interphase chromosomes isolated from nuclear envelopes of murine hepatocytes were cloned and sequenced. Analysis of their structural-functional organization suggests that these fragments are highly specified protein-nonencoding fractions of a eukaryotic genome. In the evolutionary process, they appear already in archaebacteria and may(More)
The survival of transgenic mouse embryos was studied as a function of the transgene structure. The data obtained indicate that the introduction of a chromosomal DNA fragment providing for the anchoring of interphase chromosomes on the nuclear envelope increases the efficiency of transgenesis in mice threefold due to their increased viability.
A single subcutaneous injection of a long-acting immobilized insulin preparation activated biosynthetic events in the liver and skin of the burnt animals and slowed down tissue degradation as evidenced by creatine excretion. This insulin preparation can be successfully used for the treatment of burnt patients in order to stimulate metabolism and maintain(More)
Transgenic clones of mouse embryonic stem cells of the R1 line were received by transfection of plasmid linear vectors. The changes in the transgene structure during its integration into the genome of the target cells were investigated. Displacements were found on the flanks of the integrated transgene. It was found that multicopy tandem structures are(More)
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