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A Study on Social Support and Motivation
Abstract This paper analyzes whether there is a correlation between student motivation and perceived social support. The determination of the effects of the perceived social support provided by theExpand
Institutionalization, Bureaucratization, and Westernization in Curriculum Theory
The period after 1826 was remarkable for the Ottoman Empire due to the fact that social change and transformation had taken place quite rapidly. Whereas implementation of educational reforms inExpand
A Review of Curriculum History and the Conceptual Framework of Curriculum History in Turkey
Curriculum is generally defined based on the philosophical perspectives of the individuals. One of the definitions of curriculum states that curriculum is a field of academic study and research,Expand
Do Lifestyles Shape Self-Regulated Learning Strategies?.
Problem Durumu: Bireylerin etkili bir yurttas olmalari, iletisim becerilerini gelistirmeleri ve yasam boyu ogrenen bireyler olmalari kuskusuz onlarin hayata bakis acilari ile dogru orantilidir. BirExpand
Didaktik in Continental European pedagogy: An analysis of its origins and problems
Bu calismanin amaci, Kita Avrupasi ve ozellikle Almanya ve Iskandinav ulkelerinde ogretim bilimi veya didaktik olarak tanimlanan bir gelenegin temellerini ve gelisim cizgisini tarihsel ve felsefiExpand
The aim of this study is to adapt sub scale of the Motivated Strategies for Learning Questionnaire (Pintrich,1991) to Turkish in order to evaluate primary school students self regulated learningExpand
Reflections on the New Curriculum Theory: Social Studies Curriculum and Civic Education in Turkey (1924–2004): A Case Study
This chapter of the study is reserved for the drafts of social studies curriculum implemented between 1924 and 2004 in Turkey. The reflections of curriculum theory of the Republic period would beExpand
Islamic Civilization and Its Classical Curriculum Theory: The Philosophy, Institutions and Important Theoreticians of Classical Curriculum Theory
The main problem and focus of this chapter are constituted by the foundations of the development of the education concept in the Islamic civilization. In this context, Islam and the tradition ofExpand
Curriculum Theorists in the Early Republic Period of Turkey
This chapter of the study analyzes ideas and influences of important curriculum theorists on education in the Republic period. Ziya Gokalp, who constituted the philosophy of education in the RepublicExpand