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Lymphocytes extracted from freshly resected melanomas can be expanded in vitro and can often mediate specific lysis of autologous tumor cells but not allogeneic tumor or autologous normal cells. We treated 20 patients with metastatic melanoma by means of adoptive transfer of these tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes and interleukin-2, after the patients had(More)
Eleven features that are independent of stain intensity are described. Values greater than 1.4 times the average optical density were shown to define the visually darker areas of the image, which were considered to be condensed chromatin. Use of the 11 features permitted the discrimination between (1) lymphocytes and macrophages of rats, (2) macrophages(More)
Temperature-sensitive mutants of Sindbis virus were employed to investigate the nature of the viral event(s) which induces chick-embryo cells to produce interferon. Chick embryo cells induced by the parental heat-resistant strain of Sindbis virus produced essentially equal amounts of interferon at 29 and 42 C. An RNA(-) and three RNA(+) strains(More)