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Antioxidant responses of chickpea plants subjected to boron toxicity.
This study investigated oxidative stress and the antioxidant response to boron (B) of chickpea cultivars differing in their tolerance to drought. Three-week-old chickpea seedlings were subjected toExpand
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Contributions to the syntaxonomy and ecology of the forest and shrub vegetation in Bithynia, Northwestern Anatolia, Turkey
Phyton (Horn, Austria) 45(1): 81-115, 4 figures. - English with German summary. The forest vegetation of the investigated area has been studied using the BRAUN-BLAUNQUET approach. The followingExpand
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Pollen morphology of some Gypsophila L. (Caryophyllaceae) species and its taxonomic value
Pollen morphology of 12 taxa (6 of them endemic) that belong to the genus Gypsophila L. were investigated using light microscopy (LM), scanning electron microscopy (SEM), and transmission electronExpand
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The effects of boron toxicity on root antioxidant systems of two chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) cultivars
Significant differences in the antioxidant systems of the roots of two chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) cultivars differing in tolerance to drought were observed in under toxic boron (B) conditions.Expand
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Karyological studies on the four Ornithogalum L. (Asparagaceae) taxa from Eskişehir (Central Anatolia, Turkey)
In the current study, karyotypes of four taxa in the genus of Ornithogalum L. were examined. These taxa grow naturally in Eskişehir (Central Anatolia). Studies were carried out on somaticExpand
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The Moss Flora (Musci) of the Sündiken Mountains
In this study carried out in the Sundiken Mountains, 83 taxa were identified by the authors. These belong to 21 families and 42 genera of bryophytes. Of these, 64 taxa are new for the B7 grid-squareExpand
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Bazı Domates ve Tütün Genotiplerinde Kadmiyum Etkilerini İnceleyen İstatiksel Bir Çalışma
Bu calismada fotoperyot uygulanan ve karanlik sartlarda yetistirilen Lycopersicon esculentum Mill. (domates) ve Nicotiana tabacum L. (tutun) turlerinde artan konsantrasyonlarda uygulanan kadmiyumExpand
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The flora of the forest series of Yirce-Bürmece-Kömürsu and Muratdere (Bilecik-Bursa, Turkey).
The climate of the area is studied according to the meteorological data of Bozuyuk, Inegol and Bilecik. The average temperature of Bilecik is 12 C and the annual precipitation is 436.4 mm. They areExpand
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Bellevalia clusiana Griseb. (Hyacinthaceae)'nin Sitotaksonomik Özellikleri
Bu calismada endemik bir tur olan Bellevalia clusiana Griseb.’nin sitotaksonomik ozellikleri incelenmistir. Bitkinin kok ucu hucrelerinde yapilan sitolojik incelemelerde 2n=16 kromozomlu veExpand
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In this study the flora of Eskisehir Hekimdag (Bozdag) were investigated. According to Davis's grid system, the research area lies in B3 square. The plant samples collected in this region andExpand
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