Søren Tranberg Hansen

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This paper introduces a new method to determine a person's pose based on laser range measurements. Such estimates are typically a prerequisite for any human-aware robot navigation, which is the basis for effective and timeextended interaction between a mobile robot and a human. The robot uses observed information from a laser range finder to detect persons(More)
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For robots to be able coexist with people in future everyday human environments, they must be able to act in a safe, natural and comfortable way. This work addresses the motion of a mobile robot in an environment, where humans potentially want to interact with it. The designed system consists of three main components: a Kalman filter‐ based algorithm that(More)
This paper presents an initial, qualitative study on how a game based on a mobile robot with an expressive head can be used by older adults as a rehabilitation application. The game is investigated in two independent field studies one in a nursing home and one in a rehabilitation centre. An analysis of the interaction is made based on video recordings,(More)
This video presents a study on how a physical game based on a mobile robot can be used as a persuasive tool for promoting physical activity among elderly. The goal of the game is to take a ball from a robot, and afterwards try to hand it back while the robot moves. The robot records the behavior patterns of each individual player and gradually adapts the(More)
Robots for elderly have drawn a great deal of attention as it is a controversial topic being pushed forward by the fact that there will be a dramatic increase of elderly in most western countries. Within the field of HRI, much research has been conducted on robots interacting with elderly and also a number of commercial products have been introduced to the(More)
This paper presents a field study of a physical ball game for elderly based on an autonomous, mobile robot. The game algorithm is based on Case Based Reasoning and adjusts the game challenge to the player’s mobility skills by registering the spatio-temporal behaviour of the player using an on board laser scanner. We have investigated the adaptiveness of the(More)