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The objective of this study was to determine the antimicrobial susceptibility patterns and clonal diversity of clinical Staphylococcus aureus isolates from Ghana. A total of 308 S. aureus isolates from six healthcare institutions located across Northern, Central and Southern Ghana were characterized by antibiotyping, spa typing and PCR detection of Panton(More)
The epidemiology of Staphylococcus aureus in the community in Ghana was never investigated prior to this study. The aims of the study were: i) to assess prevalence of nasal S. aureus carriage in Ghanaian people living in an urban and a rural area, and ii) to identify phenotypic and genotypic traits of strains isolated from the two communities. Nasal swabs(More)
We develop a scalable parallel implementation of the classical Benders decomposition algorithm for two-stage stochastic linear programs. Using a primal-dual, path-following algorithm for solving the scenario subproblems we develop a parallel implementation that alleviates the diiculties of load balancing. Furthermore, the dual and primal step calculations(More)
Single Premium Deferred Annuities (SPDAs) are investment vehicles, ooered to investors by insurance companies as a means of providing income past their retirement age. They are mirror images of insurance policies. However, the propensity of individuals to shift part, or all, of their investment into diierent annuities creates substantial uncertainties for(More)
Multi-stage stochastic programs are typically extremely large, and can be prohibitively expensive to solve on the computer. In this paper we develop an algorithm for multistage programs that integrates the primal-dual row-action framework with prox-imal minimization. The algorithm exploits the structure of stochastic programs with network recourse, using a(More)
We develop and test multistage portfolio selection models maximizing expected end-of-horizon wealth while minimizing one-sided deviation from a target wealth level. The trade-off between two objectives is controlled by means of a non-negative parameter as in Markowitz Mean-Variance portfolio theory. We use a piecewise-linear penalty function, leading to(More)
Bacterial adhesion is a crucial step in colonization of the skin. In this study, we investigated the differential adherence to human and pig corneocytes of six Staphylococcus aureus strains belonging to three human-associated [ST8 (CC8), ST22 (CC22) and ST36(CC30)] and two pig-associated [ST398 (CC398) and ST433(CC30)] clonal lineages, and their(More)