Søren Søgaard

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ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE Snakebite envenomation, every year, causes estimated 5-10,000 mortalities and results in more than 5-15,000 amputations in sub-Saharan Africa alone. Antiserum is not easily accessible in these regions or doctors are simply not available, thus more than 80% of all patients seek traditional practitioners as first-choice.(More)
Hydrogen peroxide activation of MMb with and without the presence of BSA gave rise to rapid formation of hyper-valent myoglobin species, myoglobin ferryl radical (*MbFe(IV) = O) and/or ferrylmyoglobin (MbFe(IV) = O). Reduction of MbFe(IV) = O showed first-order kinetics for a 1-2 times stoichiometric excess of H2O2 to MMb while a 3-10 times stoichiometric(More)
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