Søren Rasmussen

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Cancer occurrence in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) has been little studied, but associations with brain tumours, breast cancer, Hodgkin lymphoma and nasopharyngeal carcinoma have been suggested. We took advantage of population-based registers of MS and cancer to assess the risk of cancer following diagnosis of MS. Patients registered in the Danish(More)
OBJECTIVEdThe 200 units/mL formulation of insulin degludec (IDeg 200 units/mL) contains equal units of insulin in half the volume compared with the 100 units/mL formulation. We compared the efficacy and safety of IDeg 200 units/mL once daily with 100 units/mL insulin glargine (IGlar) in insulin-naïve subjects with type 2 diabetes (T2DM) inadequately(More)
SAS provides a macro GLIMMIX, which can be used for modelling of discrete spatial variation in epidemiological studies, where data are aggregated into small areas such as municipalities or postcode sectors. The purpose of these models is primary to examine to what extent unmeasured spatially correlated variables can explain the outcome of interest. Some(More)
  • MODERN RAILWAY TRACK, Coenraad Esveld, Jan van ‘t Zand, Peter Scheepmaker, Gerard van der Werf, Anton Kok +7 others
  • 2012
To my grandchildren Thomas Maud Fieke and Douwe Publication of this book has been made possible thanks to the sponsoring of the following companies: Modern Railway Track PREFACE ix Acknowledgement With the preparation of this Second Edition many experts have assisted to provide and check existing material and to write additional sections. In the first place(More)
AIMS/HYPOTHESIS Insulin degludec (Des(B30)LysB29(γ-Glu Nε-hexadecandioyl) human insulin; IDeg) is a new basal insulin with an ultra-long flat action profile. The acute physiological responses to hypoglycaemia with IDeg and insulin glargine (A21Gly,B31Arg,B32Arg human insulin; IGlar) were compared. METHODS Twenty-eight adult type 1 diabetic patients with(More)
In mice, certain proteins show a highly confined expression in specific muscle groups. Also, resting and exercise/contraction-induced phosphorylation responses are higher in rat skeletal muscle with low mitochondrial content compared to muscles with high mitochondrial content, possibly related to differential reactive oxygen species (ROS)-scavenging ability(More)
INTRODUCTION In a preceding trial comparing two different titration schemes, insulin degludec/insulin aspart (IDegAsp) showed good efficacy for achieving HbA1c <7% when administered twice daily (BID) in patients with uncontrolled type 2 diabetes (T2D). However, poor glycemic control persisted in a minority of patients. The current exploratory trial(More)
C tool writers are forced to deal with a number of Fortran and C interoperability issues when intercepting MPI routines and completing them with PMPI. The C based tool has to intercept the Fortran MPI routines and marshal arguments between C and Fortran, which is not always easily done from C. Further, there is a subset of MPI routines that need to call(More)
Emerging hybrid accelerator architectures are often proposed for inclusion as components in an exascale machine, not only for performance reasons but also to reduce total power consumption. Unfortunately, programmers of these architectures face a daunting and steep learning curve that frequently requires learning a new language (e.g., OpenCL) or adopting a(More)
Emerging hybrid accelerator architectures for high performance computing are often suited for the use of a data-parallel programming model. Unfortunately, programmers of these architectures face a steep learning curve that frequently requires learning a new language (e.g., OpenCL). Furthermore, the distributed (and frequently multi-level) nature of the(More)
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