Søren N. Sørensen

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Experiments on the photooxidation of toluene/NOx/air mixtures were performed in the European Photoreactor (EUPHORE), a large-scale outdoor reaction chamber located in Valencia/Spain. The objective of the study was the in situ determination of the yields of ring-retaining products by differential optical absorption spectroscopy (DOAS) and the elucidation of(More)
Applying unbiased stereological methods and a new stereological parameter, star volume of cancellous bone, the bone structure of the first vertebral body was examined and compared with the compressive strength of the second lumbar vertebra. The material came from eight males, aged 33-69 years (mean 49 years) and seven women, aged 22-87 years (mean 52 years)(More)
Studies have indicated systemic treatment with strontium (Sr) as a potential route to increase bone quality and formation around osseointegrating implants. However, adverse effects are linked to such treatment. In this study we present a surface modification method designed for sustained local release of Sr from implants. The four groups used were prepared(More)
AIM To compare the accuracy of clinic blood pressure (CBP) and telemedical home blood pressure (HBP) measurement in the assessment of antihypertensive effect. METHODS 362 patients on antihypertensive medication performed HBP measurement (5 days, duplicate measurements, four times daily) and ambulatory blood pressure (ABP) monitoring in random order. Main(More)
UNLABELLED Studies have shown that strontium (Sr) incorporated into surfaces may enhance osseointegration. Thus, we suggested that a sustained Sr release from implant surfaces could improve bone healing. This study verifies and further investigates the effect of a novel Ti-Sr-O functionalized implant surface prepared from a magnetron co-sputtering platform(More)
Burkholderia terrae BS001 is a soil bacterium which was originally isolated from the mycosphere of the ectomycorrhizal fungus Laccaria proxima. It exhibits a range of fungus-interacting traits which reveal its propensity to actively interact at fungal interfaces. Here, we present the approximately 11.5-Mb (G+C content, 61.52%) draft genome sequence of B.(More)
Since strontium (Sr) is known for its anabolic and anticatabolic effect on bone, research has been focused on its potential impact on osseointegration. The objective of this study was to investigate the performance of nanotopographic implants with a Sr-functionalized titanium (Ti) coating (Ti-Sr-O) with respect to osseointegration in osteoporotic bone. The(More)
We present a fast and accurate method for real-time determination of the absorption coefficient, the scattering coefficient, and the anisotropy factor of thin turbid samples by using simple continuous-wave noncoherent light sources. The three optical properties are extracted from recordings of angularly resolved transmittance in addition to spatially(More)