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Fifty-seven patients treated for an acute rupture of the Achilles tendon were studied. The patients were randomized into a Mason suture technique or a reinforced continuous six-strand suture technique, and markers were attached to each tendon end perioperatively. The postoperative separation of the markers was studied by repeat radiographic examination.(More)
The enantiomers of the potent non-competitive NMDA receptor antagonist ketamine and its major metabolite, norketamine were evaluated as NMDA receptor antagonists using the rat cortical wedge preparation and the neonatal rat spinal cord preparation, respectively, for electrophysiological studies and(More)
The pharmacokinetics of a single dose of morphine was investigated in five term infants (gestational age 37-40 weeks) and eight preterm infants (gestational age 25-32 weeks). In the five term infants, median (range) volume of distribution at steady state (Vd beta) was 1758 (634-2700) ml/kg, plasma clearance (Cl) was 4.73 (1.75-6.61) ml/kg/min and terminal(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of the present study was to investigate whether a combination of rofecoxib and gabapentin could improve pain relief and reduce opioid requirements, compared with rofecoxib alone, during the first 5 days after tonsillectomy. METHODS In a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study, 49 patients received gabapentin 1200 mg(More)
BACKGROUND Oxycodone is a semi-synthetic opioid with a mu-receptor agonist-mediated effect in several pain conditions, including post-operative pain. Oxycodone is metabolized to its active metabolite oxymorphone by O-demethylation via the polymorphic CYP2D6. The aim of this study was to investigate whether CYP2D6 poor metabolizers (PMs) yield the same(More)
BACKGROUND The (NMDA) receptor plays a significant role in wind-up and spinal hypersensitivity and is involved in the occurrence of secondary hyperalgesia. Ketamine is an NMDA-receptor antagonist and has proven effective in alleviating secondary hyperalgesia in humans. Although it is disputed, the actions of ketamine have been ascribed not only to NMDA(More)
In a qualitative systematic review, we have evaluated randomized controlled trials (RCT) of incisional local anaesthesia compared with placebo or no treatment in the control of postoperative pain after open abdominal operations. Twenty-six studies with data from 1211 patients were considered appropriate for analysis. Five RCT considered inguinal herniotomy,(More)
BACKGROUND All Scandinavian countries provide anaesthesiologist-staffed pre-hospital services. Little is known of the incidence of critical illness or injury attended by these services. We aimed to investigate anaesthesiologist-staffed pre-hospital services in Scandinavia with special emphasis on incidence and severity. METHODS This population-based,(More)
BACKGROUND Physician-staffed pre-hospital units are employed in many Western emergency medical services (EMS) systems. Although these services usually integrate well within their EMS, little is known about the quality of care delivered, the precision of dispatch, and whether the services deliver a higher quality of care to pre-hospital patients. There is no(More)
We report 144 femoral shaft fractures (FSF) in 138 children less than 15 years old. The boy/girl ratio was 2.8:1. The incidence rate was 28 per 100,000 child-years. Young children (less than 3 years) had the highest incidence rates. The most common etiology was trauma due to traffic accidents (43.1%) and falls (42.2%). Falling off bicycles contributed to(More)