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In this study we assess the economic profitability of implementing various precision farming (PF) technologies and controlled traffic farming (CTF) on 4 main crops in Denmark. The study provides insight into technological requirements, and identifies related costs and benefits to farmers and the Danish society as a whole. At the farm level, the findings(More)
We investigated the ability of neural networks to diagnose acute myocardial infarction (AMI) from laboratory data only. Several networks were trained with different combinations of data obtained at admission and within the first 12 h and 24 h after admission. The data used included the electrocardiogram (ECG) and the concentrations in serum of potassium,(More)
The growing demand for food poses major challenges to humankind. We have to safeguard both biodiversity and arable land for future agricultural food production, and we need to protect genetic diversity to safeguard ecosystem resilience. We must produce more food with less input, while deploying every effort to minimize risk. Agricultural sustainability is(More)
We investigated several aspects of using neural networks as a diagnostic tool: the design of an optimal network, the amount of patients' data needed to train the network, the question of training the network optimally while avoiding overfitting, and the influence of redundant variables. The specific clinical problem chosen for illustration was the diagnosis(More)
An analysis of binding data is presented which yields the best binding site model consistent with the experimental data. The analysis is applicable to homotropic binding and yields the number of independent sites, number of interacting sites (dimers and tetramers of sites), intrinsic association constants, and degree of interaction. The information is(More)
The influence of temperature on the binding of aurothiosulphate by human serum albumin was studied in unbuffered solutions at pH 7.4 and ionic strength 0.15 M by means of equilibrium dialysis. It was found that the high affinity association constant was temperature dependent. The thermodynamic characteristics of binding delta G1 degrees less than 0, delta(More)
Decision support methodologies in precision agriculture should integrate the different dimensions composing the added complexity of operational decision problems. Special attention has to be given to the adequate knowledge extraction techniques for making sense of the collected data, processing the information for assessing decision makers and farmers in(More)
The Open University's repository of research publications and other research outputs Historical and idealized climate model experiments: an intercomparison of Earth system models of intermediate complexity Journal Article (2013). Historical and idealized climate model experiments: an intercomparison of Earth system models of intermediate complexity.(More)
The effect of ionic strength on the binding of aurothiosulphate to human serum albumin has been studied at 37 degrees and neutral pH by equilibrium dialysis in unbuffered solutions. The effect of ionic strength is more pronounced on the lower association constants K2-K4 than on the high association constant K1. Furthermore a reduction in the number of lower(More)
Factors influencing adoption of milk cooling technology were studied with data for 90 smallholder dairy farmers who were randomly selected from seven dairy cooperative societies in Kiambu County, Kenya. Logistic regression identified the age of the household head, daily household milk consumption, freehold land ownership, fodder production area, number of(More)