Søren Møller Nielsen

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The first extracellular domain (ECD-1) of the corticotropin releasing factor (CRF) type 1 receptor, (CRFR1), is important for binding of CRF ligands. A soluble protein, mNT-CRFR1, produced by COS M6 cells transfected with a cDNA encoding amino acids 1--119 of human CRFR1 and modified to include epitope tags, binds a CRF antagonist, astressin, in a(More)
BACKGROUND Previous autoradiography studies have suggested a marked interspecies variation in the neuroanatomical localization and expression levels of the neurokinin 3 receptor, with high density in the brain of rat, gerbil, and guinea pig, but at the time offered no conclusive evidence for its presence in the human brain. Hitherto available radioligands(More)
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